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Episode 9: Amir Adnani – Maximizing Shareholder Value

Starting with strategy, Amir explains that the key to understanding gold mining is recognizing that the commodity business is a very cyclical. In the last 15 years, there have been three bear markets and three bull markets for the gold sector. The valuations for gold mining projects tend to be extremes of either bearish or bullish.

He recognizes that the gold mining sector is running out of resources and reserves. They try to consolidate during bear markets on those projects that have been drilled out. If there is a known resource you’re not taking on high risks hoping to find something new. You’re not laden with overhead costs and operations which could be difficult to have especially in a bear market.
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Episode 2: G. Edward Griffin – What Is Money and Why Currencies Fail

G. Edward Griffin explains how he got started investigating the Federal Reserve. Once he realized that the Fed was created in secret, he realized there was a bigger story. He explains what money is and why fiat currencies ultimately collapse. Governments and bankers love the ability to create money out of thin air which usually causes inflation. He explains why modern currencies have no intrinsic value and very little in common with gold and silver.

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