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Episode 1: Introduction With Gena Lofton

Hi, I am your host Gena Lofton. Welcome to the first show created exclusively to serve accredited investors. If your tired of the conventional wisdom and advice and want to learn what works for other accredited investors, then this is the show for you.

When you tune in to our show you will get many ideas to become financially free, maximize your returns, minimize risks, and keep more of your money from going to pay taxes.

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4 Responses on “Episode 1: Introduction With Gena Lofton”

Barry Canada says:

I like it Gena !!

I think I need to do this for emotional health — ” Depression TV ” 🙂

Gena Lofton says:

Not a bad idea, as you can reach more people in a digital format.

Shirley Husar says:

Genoa Lofton as a clear perspective of money and how to maximize your investment I really appreciate her show.

Gena Lofton says:

Thanks Shirley, we love hearing from our subscribers, so feel free to send us your questions if you like via this link.

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