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Episode 7b: Frank Curzio – Curzio Research Strategy and Guidence

“Risks are those that you can’t see and not those that everybody is talking about.” – Frank

Frank talks about the volatility or the Bitcoin industry and points out that usually when everybody is talking about it and it’s “hot” that is a sign that you have to get out of it. Emphasizing to be very careful when investing in bitcoins because when it’s got high usually, that when it crashes and assets don’t usually get high as quickly as that so be cautious, be smart and take advantage of the market.

Talking about debts, when markets come down, usually they’re bullish at the top and those at the bottom perish and when this happens, the government it there to mediate and make money.

How the market moves are when people are talking about something, there will always be one entity that will make a need for something else to make money out of it. Be mindful of the risks which are those that you can’t see and not those that everybody is talking about.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode:
• Risks are those that you can’t see and not those that everybody is talking about.
• Assets don’t go up too quickly, instead, it builds up in time.
• In any investment portfolio, always be mindful of the risks involved.

About Frank:

Frank Curzio is one of America’s most respected and recognized stock experts.

He’s been analyzing stocks for almost 20 years. In fact, he’s been around the financial newsletter business since the day he was born. His late dad, Frank Curzio Sr., was a portfolio manager and wrote his own financial newsletter for over 30 years.

Frank has also had experience working for one of the richest hedge-fund managers on Wall Street. It was his job to find the world’s best small and mid-cap growth stocks, which he would share with millions of people around the world. Frank has also presented his research on national programs like CNBC’s The Kudlow Report, CNBC’s The Call, ABC News, CNN Radio, and Fox Business News.

Frank is also the host of the Wall Street Unplugged podcast. It’s been ranked #1 on Apple’s iTunes website as the “most-listened-to” financial show in the business section. Each Wednesday, Frank interviews the top minds on Wall Street and breaks down the markets, economy and shares his favorite stock ideas.

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