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Episode 46: Gena Lofton – How To Achieve Financial Freedom

In today’s episode, Gena answers your questions about the Financial Freedom Formula (F3) which enables one to Achieve Financial Independence in less than a few short years.

The methodology is simple, as it requires one to reduce their taxes and/or use debt to buy/build assets which generate tax-efficient streams of passive income until one achieves their infinite wealth number. Financial Freedom is achieved when you have enough passive income to pay your expenses, then you will NOT need a JOB. Your expenses will be paid each month with your passive income, then you are free to pursue your passion.

Everyone has a different wealth number. Gena calls this your “infinite wealth number.” Some people invest for capital gains while others invest for cash-flow. These are two (2) different approaches, and the Financial Freedom Formula’s purpose is to help you use both and focuses on generating sufficient passive income/cash flow.

Gena talks about Kiyosaki’s cash-flow quadrant book and why you want to generate your income on the right side of the quadrant as a business owner and/or an investor. The right side pays the least amount in taxes. This is why one of the steps of the formula is to use the tax code to reduce one’s taxes on the left side of the quadrant. The other step in the formula is to use debt to buy cash flow producing assets. When you combine the techniques in the formula you will be able to generate tax-efficient streams of passive income much faster than working on the left side of the quadrant until you are 65 or older. That will NEVER work.

The Financial Freedom Formula is how wealth is built. Unfortunately, most don’t know as they are taught to go to school and get a job, save their money and invest in a 401k. The 401k presumes you will be poor. Who wants to be poor in the future.

Remember if you are working to pay for something, for example, a car, boat or a house then it is a liability. However, if someone is paying you to use it, then that is an asset.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode
• Get out of the Rat Race by buying building assets.
• Learn the Financial Freedom Formula.
• Reduce Your Taxes.
• Use Debt to buy Assets vs. Liabilities.
• The velocity of money.

About Our Host
Gena is a full-time professional investor and an expert in Robert Kiyosaki principals and has been building and/or buying assets exclusively for the past decade and lives exclusively off the income of her assets. To learn how this works, you can enroll in the complimentary masterclass.

I welcome you to join me at Freedomfest which will be held this coming July in Las Vegas. Here are the sessions which I have confirmed as of today:
Wall Street versus Main Street: Which Is the Better Way for Making Money? w/ Robert Kiyosaki and Gena Lofton, Marc Lichtenfeld and Simon Reeves.
“Money, Interest Rates, Inflation, and YOU” with Doug Casey, Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff, Hunter Thompson, Gena Lofton, David Tice; Gene Epstein, moderators.


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