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Episode 3: Dave Zook – Investing in Multiple Asset Classes

Dave operates a real estate investment business most of his properties are in Tennessee and Texas. When he was starting his real estate investing career he began to run out of money with which to purchase properties. This became an issue and he was left with a choice to either slow down or take on investors. He began inviting friends and family and now has about one hundred investors.

Dave explains that investing in a private placement of syndication as a much safer way of investing. You are leveraging the time and talents of others. Typically you gain leverage without having to guarantee the debt. He will work to put together the deal and then send it out to his investors. Most of his arrangements are done with his existing investor base.

David usually works with accredited investors as the regulatory risks are less. SEC rules are more strict when dealing with small investors but he does work with non-accredited investors occasionally. There are those that have been waiting to invest in his company who are non-accredited. Dave will contact these people when he finds a suitable deal for them to invest in.

Dave explains that his investment company is always driving for the double-digit profits. The real estate multi-family market has become quite competitive with larger institutional money coming in. They have had to accept smaller spread recently. At a minimum, they usually want 7% to 9% returns for his deals.

There will always be an asset or asset class that makes sense. Dave is not married to a particular type of asset. He plans on sticking with real estate and apartment buildings until there are no longer deals that make sense.

Talking Points From This Weeks Show
• Real estate market investing and current outlook.
• Private Placement and Syndication.
• Advantages of being an accredited investor.
• Stay flexible and look for opportunities.

Dave Zook has been an investor and entrepreneur all of his adult life. His investments cover a myriad of real asset holdings including real estate in several states in the US, Multi-Family apartments, and ATM portfolios. Additionally, Dave has international real estate investment holdings in Panama, Canada, and Belize. Dave and his investors own almost 3,000 apartment units in some of the hottest job markets in the country.

Dave follows a pattern where he partners with proven, results-giving team players who are dedicated to the success of the other members of the team and who are in the trenches making it happen. He is a published author and sought-after speaker.

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