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Real Estate

Episode 41: Tom Wheelwright – Making the New Tax Laws Work for You

Today I interviewed Tom Wheelwright, he is the Founder and CEO of WealthAbility.  Tom’s early career was focused on developing training courses teaching CPA’s Tax Law and began his career at Ernst & Whinney, known today as Ernst & Young.  Thus, we are both alum, but at different times and different capacities.

Tom, then started his own firm and acquired an accounting firm.  His company has grown significantly over the years.  Last year Tom and his partner decided they wanted to help more people around the globe, therefore, they decided to build a network of accounting firms to focus on Entrepreneurs and Investors in which Provision is one of the firms in the network.

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Episode 38: Keith Weinhold – Get Rich With Real Estate Investing

Keith talks about how we are the architect of our own lives and why you should figure out what life you want. His first ever purchase was a four-plex where he lived in one unit and rented out the others. He discusses how a mortgage for this is quite easy to obtain.

Being wealthy is a choice which he discovered from the Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books. You need to think differently. Poor people work for their money, and they have nothing left to invest. Middle-class people just look for ways to get their money to work for them, but that doesn’t build wealth. To truly get rich you need to get other people’s money to work for you.
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Episode 24: An Aussie Real Estate Investor Dominating the US Multifamily Apartment Sector

Reed Goossens founded RSN Property Group here in the US and has been hitting it out the ballpark.

Reed compares the various real estate markets of the United States with his home country of Australia. He really encourages Americans to take advantage of the many opportunities that are available to those in the United States.
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Episode 23: The Lancaster Men – Successful Investing like the Amish/Mennonite

Gena introduces three amazing men from Lancaster, Pa. They are Peter Zook, Marcus Zook, and Matt Byler. They are all investors in several asset classes and successfully run businesses.
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Episode 22: Eric Tait – Financial Freedom Thru Accredited Investing

Eric is a physician and is invested in real estate, thru hotels, small apartments, and single-family homes. He is also the founder and fund manager of Vernonville Asset Management. He wanted to diversify his income beyond the stock market. He looks for market problems with which to offer opportunities through teams of competent people. He feels diversifying across asset classes, and geography is essential.
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Episode 20: Elizabeth Braman – Real Estate CrowdFunding

Elizabeth is Senior Managing Director for the real estate crowdfunding company RealityMogul. They match active real estate investors with passive investors who are looking for opportunities. RealityMogul has grown having raised significant venture capital, and they now have 85 employees. Everything they do is done online through their website because it’s easier and cheaper. Plus investors get to monitor their investments and get access to new opportunities. They only work with real estate deals and are not involved in any other market. Their primary investment areas are office, retail, industrial and multi-family real estate.
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Episode 15: Jillian Sidoti – Managing Risk and Crowdfunding

Jillian works for Crowdfunding Lawyers where she helps advise real estate entrepreneurs. They work with investors to acquire more extensive properties, set up the financing, and structure private placements. She started out in the music industry and then became interested in real estate investing and later in 2008 she began practicing law.
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Episode 12: Carl Johnston – An Interview With a Seasoned Accredited Investor

Carl discusses how he became an investor and his background in real estate. Very early on he realized he wanted his money to work for him. The career that offered the best chance for this was investing in real estate. He picked up an MBA and worked in the finance industry for a few years. He went on to build and own a shopping center. This was a business that produced steady cash flow. He says cash flow is of particular importance to him.
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Episode 5: Sepehr Bekam – Too Expensive to Work For Money

Real estate-focused investments are the main focus of Sep and his company. Having been able to take control of his life and be his own boss, he has been focusing on helping others do the same. He has been a full-time real estate investment professional for about three years and hasn’t looked back at all. Letting go of fear and not looking back is what has brought him this far.

Having gotten guidance from his tax advisor Sep was qualified to be a professional real estate investor and gained major tax advantages. Even though he was working fewer hours at his job he began to bring in more money. This has led to him to completely give up his day job.

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Episode 3: Dave Zook – Investing in Multiple Asset Classes

Dave operates a real estate investment business most of his properties are in Tennessee and Texas. When he was starting his real estate investing career he began to run out of money with which to purchase properties. This became an issue and he was left with a choice to either slow down or take on investors. He began inviting friends and family and now has about one hundred investors.

Dave explains that investing in a private placement of syndication as a much safer way of investing. You are leveraging the time and talents of others. Typically you gain leverage without having to guarantee the debt. He will work to put together the deal and then send it out to his investors. Most of his arrangements are done with his existing investor base.

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