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Episode 20: Elizabeth Braman – Real Estate CrowdFunding

Elizabeth is Senior Managing Director for the real estate crowdfunding company RealityMogul. They match active real estate investors with passive investors who are looking for opportunities. RealityMogul has grown having raised significant venture capital, and they now have 85 employees. Everything they do is done online through their website because it’s easier and cheaper. Plus investors get to monitor their investments and get access to new opportunities. They only work with real estate deals and are not involved in any other market. Their primary investment areas are office, retail, industrial and multi-family real estate.
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Episode 19: Bill Trimble – A Seasoned Investor

Bill discusses his trading history. He started in the early 1980’s as a stockbroker and then moved into venture capital. Since 1989 he has been focused on the resource sector and other asset classes that are publicly traded. When a trade goes against what you anticipated you should be prepared to sell and cut your losses. He says, “There are great opportunities all over the world.”
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Episode 18: Laura Stein – The God Mother of Mining

Laura Stein is the most amazing woman. I gave her the nickname of “The God Mother” of mining. I have a philosophy that if you want to know about an industry, go find the one who is the most informed and connected. Well, that is Laura Stein. I am honored that she allowed me to spend a few moments interviewing her while in San Francisco. Laura rarely does interviews, so this was a very special treat and once you hear Laura’s story about how she got involved with mining it will make your hair stand up on your arms. Here is just a brief synopsis of what I was fortunate to gather from our conversation.
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Episode 17: Marcel de Groot – Maximizing Value and Raising Capital

Marcel de Groot is Cofounder and President of Pathway. Pathway is a leading private equity fund-of-funds manager for institutional investors worldwide. Pathway’s team of over 100 employees across four offices manages over $25 billion. With an average of more than 20 years of private equity experience among its investment principals, Pathway is one of the most experienced and stable firms in the industry.  It should be obvious why I had to spend a little time with Marcel to understand how deals were financed.
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Episode 16: Matt Geiger – Private Equity Mining Fund

Matt discusses his company, MJG Capital which has a focus on the natural resource industry exclusively.  MJG is a private equity firm which allows investors to participate in a fund approach vs. direct investing which offers an alternative for investors to gain exposure to the sector in the exact same way, accredited investors are able to participate in other asset classes such as real estate, oil and gas, etc.
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A Special New Years Message From Gena Lofton

Happy new year what an amazing 2017.  I am super excited about 2018 as I hope you are too.

Today, I thought I would host the show solo and share a true story about how this show started.  Three years ago, my Friend, Peter Schiff came by my office at DIRECTV. Peter shared with me that CNBC-US had banned him from being on their show, most likely due to the deep state/creature.  Back then I had an idea for a show to help Accredited Investors.

A program that could help a lot of people including sports professionals who always go broke because of not having access to resources which serve Accredited Investors.
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Episode 15: Jillian Sidoti – Managing Risk and Crowdfunding

Jillian works for Crowdfunding Lawyers where she helps advise real estate entrepreneurs. They work with investors to acquire more extensive properties, set up the financing, and structure private placements. She started out in the music industry and then became interested in real estate investing and later in 2008 she began practicing law.
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Episode 14: Robert Carrington – Junior Miner Exploring Columbia and Nevada

Robert started prospecting with his father when he was nine years old. Newrange is a junior exploration company listed on the TSX.V and are based out of Canada. They began the company with a focus on South America where they have two properties under development near El Dovio and Yarumalito, Columbia.
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Episode 12: Carl Johnston – An Interview With a Seasoned Accredited Investor

Carl discusses how he became an investor and his background in real estate. Very early on he realized he wanted his money to work for him. The career that offered the best chance for this was investing in real estate. He picked up an MBA and worked in the finance industry for a few years. He went on to build and own a shopping center. This was a business that produced steady cash flow. He says cash flow is of particular importance to him.
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Episode 11: Amir Adnani – Uranium Exploration in the United States

Amir discusses the uranium market and the growth opportunities with nuclear power. The world’s population is growing, and everything needs electricity including electric vehicles. In the long-term, we can’t satisfy our energy needs just from renewables. Any balanced energy portfolio needs to have nuclear energy exposure. Today there are only ten companies in the world that mine uranium. Nuclear energy is carbon-free, and it takes very little uranium to produce incredible amounts of energy. These are things that drove Amir to get into the uranium business in 2005.
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