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Don’t Know If You Meet the Income or Net Worth Levels?

Don’t know if you are an “Accredited Investor”, you can find out if you qualify via income or net worth using Personal Capital which is a Free Financial Statement Tool which you can access and use for Free via the link below:

Learn How to Become an “Accredited Investor” via this link:

How To Become An Accredited Investor

Accredited Investors invest in Private Placements. You can find out more about Private Placement by watching the short video on this page:

Learn About Private Placements

Feel free to gain more insight on the US Securities and Exchange Commissions’ website via this link:

United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)


Need an Attorney to Set Up Your New Entity – Get $100 Discount Below:

Contact Corporate Direct


Here are a few Brokers which you can use to purchase/sell foreign securities.  Most all of the companies interviews on the show are Canadian, some may also have listings in the US but in the event they do NOT, you can trade them via the following brokerage houses:

Interactive Brokers,  based in Connecticut.  They support in excess of 19 countries thru one online platform.  This Brokerage is best recognized for serious investors as the best combination of expansive reach and low execution costs for the best bang for the buck.  You can buy foreign issues very inexpensively.   You can access them via this link

Sprott,  based in Carlsbad, California, although they are Canadian.  They support private placements and do NOT support trading online.  But they do allow you to have a Self Directed IRA and a ROTH IRA which I find to be very useful for minimizing taxes.  For example, I trade most of my mining/natural resource companies in a ROTH IRA.    They are a little expensive due to some of the manual processes which are required with trading Canadian Private Placements and support ROTH and Self Directed IRA, so it is worth the money for that reason.  Here is the link.

Haywood,  They can support everything which Sprott can support except for ROTH and Self Directed IRA accounts.  They are less expensive.  Here is a link to their website.



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