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Accredited2Accredited (A2A) is an Edutainment Company

Serving Accredited Investors

Passive Income Advisors, LLC recently sold the Intellectual Property to A2A, LLC.  A2A, LLC is comprised of the A2A Show and A2A Education which complement each other. Together A2A is an Edutainment Company serving the Accredited Investor community so they can earn more, work less, and reduce their taxes.  Here is a high-level summary of each area of the Company:


The A2A Show features bi-weekly episodes where the host, Gena Lofton conducts interviews with Industry Experts from a broad range of competencies and/or asset classes.  It is a peer to peer show where investors can learn from other investors…. hence the name “Accredited2Accredited”.  This show will feature (e.g. operators/sponsors, service providers, other Accredited Investors, etc.) across all Asset Classes (e.g. Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Intellectual Property, Junior Mining/Natural Resources, Private Equity, Media & Entertainment, Technology, etc.).  The interviews will be unscripted, unbiased and unedited.  Thus, authentically raw.  No talking heads and/or Fake News nor do we have sexual harassment which isn’t desired by both parties as you hear occurring on mainstream media outlets.  We are subscription free for the benefit of our Subscribers to gain insight on topics which matter to Accredited Investors.  Click this link, if you would like to watch the 1st episode so Gena can explain the background on why she created the show and why you should subscribe and share with others.


A2A Education is a suite of proprietary On-Line educational Products to help Investors and are available online via our membership portal.  All are available in multiple formats such as video, audio, PDF, and/or Workbook and offered exclusively on the A2A Education Portal.  A2A Education was created because the school system cannot provide what it does NOT know as they are Employees and NOT investors.  You can visit us via this link 


Let’s first start by defining what is an “Accredited Investor”. This is a term used by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (e.g. SEC). It’s defined by one who has a net worth of at least $1m, excluding the value of their primary residence or have an income of at least $200k for the last two years (or $300k combined if married) and have expectations to make the same amount in the current year.  Feel free to visit here to gain more information on the definition.

About The Founder


Gena is the founder of A2A.  Having grown up homeless and in foster care in South Central Los Angeles, Gena escaped and learned the secrets of the wealthy.  Today, she is an investor in multiple asset classes…. Real Estate, Natural Resources, Assisted Living Facilities, Media, and Entertainment, Intellectual Property, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Private Equity, etc. Prior to forming A2A, finding online resources to help Accredited Investors, in particular, those who do NOT invest in the traditional Wallstreet stuff was difficult at best.  Also, often many Accredited Investors, don’t invest in multiple asset classes, so Gena was often answering questions with Natural Resources people about Real Estate and Visa Versa since she lives amongst both Tribes.  Thus, A2A was formed to cross over and share with other Tribes knowledge about the other Tribes (e.g. asset classes).  Gena is an Equal Opportunity lover of all Tribes/Assets, thus she doesn’t discriminate.

Gena is an expert Media and Conference Contributor.   See her schedule via this link.   If you would like to request Gena to be on your show or to speak at your next event, send a request via this link

Also, Gena has shared the stage with global leaders such as Alan Greenspan, Robert Kiyosaki, and Jim Rogers just to name a few.

Alan & Gena

Robert & Gena

Jim & Gena


Prior to creating A2A, Gena’s corporate career is expansive, including but not limited to, a member of the management team of the largest pay television service in the world, DIRECTV until the sale to ATT, prior to DIRECTV, she led a successful career at Ernst & Young, LLP and is an active Alumni.  Gena resides in Ladera Heights which is a suburb of Los Angeles, California.  

Watch the short music video and sing along to the lyrics on the screen to learn about Gena and her amazing True story of defeating the odds.


Helping Investors Work Less, Earn More, and Reduce Their Taxes.




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